Windows Virtual Desktops

Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • AD Integration
  • Private Folder Structure
  • Full N+1 Redundancy over Two AWS Availability Zones
  • UK-Hosted with a 24/7 Support Team
  • One Month Free Trial!

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Immediate Cost Savings

The provision of end-user I.T hardware and business applications can represent significant capital expenditure. With a Windows Virtual Desktop solution from Equahost, you can eliminate a great deal of the cost associated with employee workstations. In addition, you get a secure, centralised repository for your corporate data and the ability to scale up or down with your business.

Reduced Administration

The service is integrated with your existing Active Directory. Your applications, files, folders and user accounts can then be migrated over allowing you to retire much of your legacy server hardware and the associated support overhead. User account management can be handled either by our support desk or via a secure portal assigned to a member of your staff.

New Life for Old Hardware

Your new hosted Windows virtual desktops can breathe new life into old hardware. Where an aging laptop running Windows 7 may normally be disposed of, it can now work as a “thin client” workstation used solely for accessing the service. You can continue to enjoy the latest Microsoft desktop technologies without the CAPEX.

Work from Anywhere

Fully hosted in the UK, with a 24/7 support team the service can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Our hosting infrastructure is delivered from IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS data centres, who together, represent the cutting edge in data centre design and automation. Your service could not be running on a more capable and available platform.

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