Solutions for Small Business

A Complete Service for Startups and SMEs

  • All-in-One Design and Hosting package for your Website
  • Remote Technical support for all your Computers
  • Cloud File Storage and Email Hosting
  • Extremely Cost-Effective

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How can Equahost help my Business?

Let's start with your website. It's your shop window and is arguably the most important component of your business. Unfortunately, websites are often complex to set up and require constant maintentance. There are many companies offering self-service tools to make this easier, however they are often expensive and restrictive. With Equahost, just tell us what you want and we'll just make it happen.

But I've just read about your Cloud I.T Department service. Why is this different?

Buinesses with up to ten staff sometimes struggle to justify the cost of fully cloud-hosted desktops. Where this is the case, we offer a cost-effective cloud solution for storing your files online and granting (online and offline) access from any location. We can also offer universal technical support for your laptop or computer using screen-sharing technology.

Yes, but there are many file sharing and storage services on the Internet. Why should I use yours?

Yes, there are hundreds of them! However, our Cloud File Storage is *super* fast and works just like a normal disk. So for example, your PC might already have a C:\ and a D:\ drive. You can set your Equahost drive up with any letter you like; for exmple E:\. You can also sync (and share your files) from pretty much any mobile device on the market. Also, because your data is securely mirrored on our servers, you can easily recover from a hardware failure or seamlessly upgrade to one of our Enterprise services as your business grows.

OK, but I could just build my website using something like Why should I pay Equahost?

We offer a complete service. Even website-builders can get complex, especially if you grow quickly and need need some unsupported feature. Plus, you still have to choose your design, write your copy, perhaps integrate other services like social media and analytics. With Equahost, just send us a couple of examples of sites you like the look of and we'll do the rest!

But can I still edit my own website?

You certainly can. We build all our client's websites using the fantastic Umbraco CMS. Once your site is live, we'll give you the keys and full instructions.

Am I tied into Equahost?

Not at all. You will find all your website files and any databases in your Cloud Storage repository.

And you can fix my computer too?

Yes! The vast majority of computer issues can be fixed remotely. So long as your computer can connect to the Internet we can fix you up using screen-sharing technology. If you can't get on the Internet, or there is some other issue, we will do everything we can to get you connected again. If, ultimately, your computer needs repair, we will arrange for this with a local provider.

So how much does it cost?

We charge a flat fee of £49 per hour (plus VAT) for all website development and remote support services. This is billed in fifteen minute increments. A standard website usually takes around eight hours to design and build. We include your first year of hosting with 25GB webspace. In the second year, your live webspace will be charged at £14 + VAT per month per 25GB. Cloud Storage charges are currently £6 + VAT per month for 100GB.

Did you design the Equahost website?

No! It's a template chosen in the early days. Stand by - big changes coming soon! If you want to see some shining examples of our work, hit our chat box on the right and we'll send you some links!