Fully Managed Platform for your SaaS Application

  • All Major Architectures Supported
  • Agile and Continuous Integration Solutions
  • Hosted Development Environments
  • Disaster Recovery

Fully managed Hosting and Development Platform

Equahost was founded by a group of SaaS engineers, so application hosting is in our blood! We have experienced every pain and pitfall, every high and low when it comes to providing a secure and robust platform for delivering software over the Internet. Specifically, we understand the value of DevOps methodologies and the importance of working closely with your development team.

We can provide and host some or all the tools necessary to support your entire application development lifecycle.

DevOps Consultancy

We understand that any disconnect between your development and infrastructure teams can result in problems. For example, security and end-user experience are two areas that require successful collaboration. We take pride in our ability to work with development teams of all sizes and will deliver you application securely and with blistering performance.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. The question is, are you prepared? We certainly are. Our hosting infrastructure is delivered from the IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS data centres, who together, represent the cutting edge in data centre design and automation. Combined with software such as the Veeam Availability Suite, your application could not be running on a more capable and available platform.