Cloud I.T Department

Complete I.T Service for SMEs

  • Migrate your Existing I.T. Services to the Cloud
  • Retire your Legacy Hardware
  • Only an Internet Connection Required
  • Dedicated End-User Support
  • One Month Free Trial!

Configure your Cloud I.T department HERE. Free for 30 days!

What is the Cloud I.T Department?

With our Cloud I.T Department service, Equahost migrates all your existing I.T services and practices onto our hosting platform and delivers them back via a Virtual Desktop. Because Equahost manages and controls every aspect of your systems, troubleshooting and service delivery is a breeze. No more frustrating remote-support sessions or emergency on-site call-outs. Simply supply an Internet-connected laptop or PC for each end-user.

How does this benefit me?

Your applications, files, folders and user accounts will be moved onto our cloud platform allowing you to retire much of your legacy server hardware and associated support overhead. You no longer need to worry about backups, licenses, hardware or even where you work from. All you need is a PC (or a Mac) and an Internet connection.

Enterprise Technology

Our Cloud I.T Department product is built on an Enterprise-class technology stack. Due to economies of scale, you benefit from technologies and security practices that are normally reserved for larger businesses. You can scale from one to a thousand users with no change to your working practices.

Work from Anywhere

Fully hosted in the UK, your Cloud I.T Department can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Our hosting infrastructure is delivered by the IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services, who together represent the cutting edge in data centre design and automation. Your business could not be running from a more capable or available platform.